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Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
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To register for a free hunting or fishing course you must log into your account. You can login by entering any of the below “Identify Types”, along with your last name and date of birth, and then clicking “Search”:
1) Conservation ID # from previous hunting or fishing license purchase in Connecticut.
2) If you have purchased a fishing or hunting license but do not know your Conservation ID, you may login by entering your Driver's License Number, the Email Address associated with your account, your CT Hunter/Trapper Safety Certification Number, or your Safe Boating or Certificate of Personal Watercraft Certificate Number.
3) If you have not purchased any fishing or hunting licenses in CT since 2009, you will first have to register as a “New Customer” in the Online Sportsmen Licensing System to obtain your new Conservation ID. If you are unsure if you have a CT Conservation ID, please call 860-424-3105 for assistance.

Hunting and Trapping Education Courses of all types open for registration at 7:00am on the registration open date listed for each course.